Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awards Results!

I'll keep updating this as they come...
Keep in mind I'm not gonna be able to catch then all!

Best Optimara Collection: Kathy Lahti
Design Sweepstakes: Karyn Cichocki
3rd Best Design: Deanna Belli
2nd Best Design: Mel Grice
Best Design: BJ Ohme
Best Gesneriad: Eileen McGrath
Best Species: Bill Price
Best Lyon's Collection: Steve Turner
2nd Best Lyon's Collection, 2nd Best Robinson Collection, Best Russian Collection: Marie Burns
Best Robinson Collection: Diane Miller
Horticulture Sweepstakes, 2nd Best AVSA Standard Collection, Best Buckeye Collection, Best Mini: Debbie McInnis
Best Trailer, Best AVSA Standard Collection: Marge Farrand
3rd Best In Show - Pink Playmate - Tracy Lawrence
2nd Best In Show /Best Standard - Frozen In Time - Olga Vertlib
Best New Cultivar - Cranberry Crush - Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses
Best Commercial Display - Fancy Bloomers

Note: If  I got anything wrong or anyone's name is spelled wrong, lemme know!

Kathy Lahti gets awarded Best Optimara Collection from the Holtkamps of Optimara Violets
Kathy Lahti - Best In Show - Eternal Orbit!!!
Paul Sorano of Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses accepting the Best New Cultivar award!

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