Saturday, June 1, 2013

Austin is AWESOME!

Random pics from my evening out! Special thanks to Jenny D's son Eric, who was a great tour guide and made sure I got to have a nice meal at this great restaurant on the lake called The Hula Hut, and to see some sights around the city, AND took me to Pinballz arcade where I was dying to go! WOW WOW WOW great night indeed!
Ok first off, we had to take a shuttle to get from the parking lot to the restaurant. WHAT!?
We sat out on one of the covered decks, and I looked down to see a turtle playing below me. HELLO!
Then some HUGE carp came to play as well.
My sweet escort Eric, and our HUGE AZZ DRINK that was served in a goldfish bowl!

Here's what I ordered, some kinda shrimp & spinach taco. I ended up covering it in jalepenos, YUMMMM!
Here's what Eric ordered, some chicken nachos!


The Texas State Capitol building is PRETTY
The rest of this post is just PINBALL PICS, maybe boring to you but important to me. Pinballz was prolly the best pinball arcade I've ever visited!!

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