Thursday, May 26, 2011

10,000 Hits--Time For A Contest!

WOW!! Fuzzy Foliage just got its 10,000th page hit! CONTEST TIME!!
The first person who can email me the names of the 2 plants I entered (and won blue ribbons with) at Nationals last week will get 10 TOTALLY FREE African violet leaves in the mail.
U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY, PLEASE! (Sorry I can't afford international postage, I'm not rich)
Email submissions to:

Update: WE HAVE A WIENER WINNER!! Congrats to Robyn Pervin of Kansas! She answered correctly with 'Rob's Loose Noodle' and 'Mini' Minx' about 10 minutes after the contest was posted.


  1. So which plants are yours? Jana

  2. It's almost midnight.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ann-Marie! Hugs Jana

  3. Hey Ann-Marie! Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you will post soon and have a great time. :D


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