Saturday, October 24, 2009

Visit to Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses!

Today we snuck away from the NYSAVS show/convention in Albany for a few hours (after finishing the photography, of course) and took a hour & 1/2 drive west to Dolgeville to visit the legendary Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses!

What a cute little town Dolgeville is--and surrounded by beautiful scenery!!
When we got into town, we got a little lost and couldn't figure out where we were going. A (very bored, I assume) cop saw us and instead of giving us directions, he actually hopped into his patrol car and escorted us there. A police escort to Lyndon Lyon's--How cool is that!? I really wish I'd snapped a pic of it.

Alas, I didn't start clicking the shutter button until after we parked...


As you can see Lenny wasted no time running down to the greenhouse!
Meanwhile I'm yelling, "Wait up!!"

This is what hits you when you walk in. Um, wow.

Um, more wow.


Oh yeah, we're happy!

 If you ever get the chance, go to Dolgeville and visit Paul and the gals at Lyndon Lyon's! You will not regret it... (just make sure you clear some space on your shelves first!)

The end!

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