Sunday, October 25, 2015


Yes, I've neglected the crap outta my plants for the last year. No, I have not given up on them.
Luckily, one of the greatest things about African violets is that you can always get a do-over--And thank frig, because I've had MANY do-overs, and I'll certainly need many more!

I'm currently bumming around the house in pain whilst recovering from a recent surgery, so I took this opportunity to FINALLY repot all my plants. (The dates on the pots were mostly from August of 2014--EWPZ!!)

The stand before...

The stand after!

Tallulah was VERY interested in supervising my work from the floor.
She was pretty damn adorable, as you can see.

A tray before...

A tray after!

Alasdair wanted to be more "paws-on" whilst helping.
Or well, sometimes "mouth on"..

Sinningias before...

More sinningias before...

All the sinningias after!

Aaaaand Geneva gave zero effs. ;-)

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