Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finally, I made something cool (muscicola x Li'l Georgie)

Sorry I haven't been really chatty lately. Stuff.

Anyhooz, the first seedling on my muscicola x Li'l Georgie cross opened today, and it's pretty neat. I've never seen a micro with this kinda patterning, so I'm thinking it might be pretty special if it's stable. Now I'm crossing my fingers, legs, toes, eyes, and bewbz just for good measure.

Will try and get better pics tomorrow. EDIT 1.14.14: Sorry I just got around to it 2 days later, and the blossom wasn't as fresh so the pics didn't come out awesome at all. The cel phone pics were better. There's another bud on the plant tho, so give it a few weeks and we'll see if I can capture that one faster!

Well hello there..

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