Friday, December 21, 2012

Stripey Weirdness Is Following Me!?

So today is the end of the world (lolz), and Lenny and I are spending it in the car on our way to New Jersey so I can spend the holidays down there. We decided to take a little detour and go visit Debbie at her lab (I've posted about her a few times here on the blog)...

When I saw this plant of Granger's Sugar Frost on one of her stands, I had to do a double, and then triple-take. I seriously thought all the painkillers I'm on were giving me hallucinations!

Check out how both flowers each have one petal with no stripe. How cool is that?? And why am I running into so many weird things when it comes to chimeras lately? What does it MEAN, I ask you? Ok, the pills are kicking in good now, time for a nap.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stripey stripey?

<p>Hello world, I am recovering from 3 surgeries that I had 2 days ago, and really don't feel up to blogging but I had to share this crazy doubly-striped plant I spotted on my stand earlier.</p>
<p>It's a Rob's Lucky Charm which I bought from Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses a few years back. The leaves are chimera striped like they're supposed to be, but it kinda looks like the blossom is turning chimera as well, doesn't it? Pretty damn neat, anyhooz. And I thought it was nice of this plant to do something crazy &amp; cheer me up a bit right now.</p>
<p>Ok, back to my drug-induced haze of recovery I go!</p>

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