Friday, October 31, 2014


Jenny got this fancy thing because she's AWESOME!
Thank you for 19 years at AVSA, Jenny Daugereau!!!

Lone Star Winners!

I'll type the actual list later!

First Class for Android app is LIVE!


Droid users, get on over to the Google Play Store and search "African violets" and dance a friggen jig! 


OMG I've finally met Hortense Pittman! My life is complete.

OMG Remember April?

John and Patty Daniel brought my favorite little bird friend to Plano! I'm sooooo happy to see her and I'm giving her all the head scritches she wants. 

Judgey Time!

Holy smokes, Lone Star puts on a helluva show! Over 400 entries, all just about perfect! 
I got to clerk for judges Bill Price, John Carter, and Dolores Gibbs, in the "other gesneriad" classes. OMG wait until you see a couple of the micro sinnies I spied. But for now, I gotta finish placing the ribbons. More pics later!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

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