Friday, March 28, 2014



You might remember last August when I visited Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, Paul Sorano pushed some huge azz plants on me I got my first standard sized African violets. It's been quite a learning experience! Here are the two of the biggest now (click pics to biggerize)..

This one is a bit over 11" at the biggest part,  HOLY CRAP MAN!
Yes, I know I need to remove some outer damaged leaves and then it will be smaller.

It's pretteh.
And this one is a little over 10".
If it gets more flowers, and the leaves relax & go a bit flatter, I *might* have a showplant here.
It is also pretteh.
So yeah, WOW MAN! They sure do take up a lotta room, but the show they're putting on for me is kinda worth it.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Plants Plants Plants 3.22.14

OMG OMG OMG OMG GUESS WHAT!? noID #2 is blooming! What is noID #2? And who cares? It's the 2nd African violet I ever bought (just a week or two after noID #1, back in Feb of '07) and here's the kicker--It's NEVER ONCE bloomed for me in 7 years. Sure it had a flower or two when I bought it, but never again have I seen it do anything but sucker. Ok it's not that exciting. But it kinda is. To me. Shut up.

Here it is! noID #2. Are you over it? Ok.
 So here's what's currently happening on other areas of my plant stand:

The standards are nice & flowery.
I'm sure I won't get them to a show (even if I could manage to time the flowering, I don't drive, so transporting them would be nearly impossible) it's ok--I'm still having fun with these and learning new things. And I've got a ton more to learn, so good.
Untamed Heart is pretteh. That flower is gigantic!
Like, I have full grown plants smaller than that hahaha

Micro sinnies. Let's keep it bloomin', guys!
Last but not least, this little guy is still hanging in there...Will it still look cute 3 weeks from now for the Windsor African Violet Club's show in Connecticut? Who knows? 

So that's what's happening here. How are your plants doing? What shows are you looking forward to attending this spring season? Get at me, bruh!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Plants Plants Plants 3.12.14

Blah blah blah, I haven't updated for a while, yadda yadda yadda.

Ok now that that's outta the way, remember that time I was trying to grow showplants but I disbudded them way too long? Well, guess what.. One month from today there's a show I want to enter, and it seems I've gone in the opposite direction by stopping the disbudding too early. GAHD! Will I ever manage grow a really good African violet for a show??

Well anyways, here's the haps around my shelves at the moment. Click to biggerize!

Top shelf - Quarantine dome and standards. You'd think by now I'd let the quarantine patients out into the gen pop, but I'm still to skurrd. And I haven't heard any complaints from them. Out of the five standards on the top shelf, the four that mighta made acceptable showplants have at least 1 open flower each. Thinking they'll be all bloomed out by the show date. (Please just avert your eyes from that scraggly thing in the middle, I dropped it on the floor a month ago and have been too lazy to repot it.)

2nd shelf down - Misc things in domes. We'll come back to that one awesome one in the middle toward the end of this post. Thinking no good show candidates here, two of the micro sinnies are blooming great, but there's no way they'll be doing that a month from now. 

3rd shelf down - Sinny dome and misc African violets. Couple of really nice chimeras blooming nicely, or least just about to. But the foliage is kinda unruly from neglect, so I can forget showing those, too. Also, ignore that one standard in the front it's terrible and it's all my fault haha!

Bottom shelf - Minis & semis. I have a tiny shred of hope for the one in the back left corner, and maybe a couple others. Commence crossing fingers, eyes, legs, and bewbz!

Ok, I told you we'd come back to that one awesome one from the 2nd shelf down. THIS one makes me squeal with both delight and sorrow. How cute would that have been on a show table?? Ahhh, man. Oh well, at least I can enjoy it all by myself in the kitchen and show it off to people reading my blog, right?

I gotta say while I may not have anything worth a toss to enter, I am completely looking forward to the show! It'll be the first one for me of 2014, and if you're in New England maybe you'd like to come check it out. It's the Windsor African Violet Society Annual Show & Sale and it's one day only--April 12th from 8:30am until 12:30pm at 311 Broad St, Windsor, Connecticut 06095. Come check it out if you can! 
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