Saturday, April 27, 2013

Help please!

If you don't wanna read me shamelessly begging for help, just skip this post entirely.

With that disclaimer out of the way...

Just about anyone who reads Fuzzy Foliage knows that the annual AVSA National Convention is the highlight of my life once a year. And hopefully it's also a highlight for everyone reading here, because I always do my best to document it in pics and videos for live updates here on this blog for all to enjoy.

For over a year I've been looking forward to this year's convention which will be in Austin, Texas. It just happens to fall right near my birthday, which makes it extra special! I started shaping up my plants to enter, and saving up my money--then disasters seemed to happen one right after another. Medical drama, family drama, you name it. Needless to say, the time I was putting into my plants, and most importantly the savings toward my trip, have been pretty wiped out. Not to mention my nerves... Not just because of "stuff" going on, but I've already lost my chance to go to 3 of the spring African violet shows that I usually attend and post about here. Those shows --and the friends that are always there-- are my "escape" from stress... so you can imagine where I'm at mentally.

I really need to get outta here and go be among my African violet people.

So I am asking for help. I'm asking for donations, or maybe for birthday money a little bit early.

BUT--I'm not just begging so you can send me on an exotic vacation! Here's what I will give back: Updates here on the Fuzzy Foliage blog LIVE from the convention with videos, photos, and who knows maybe some juicy gossip? Also, I will be giving my time at convention--volunteering in any way I can help out. Registration desk, clerking, and who knows what else. Speaking of volunteering, I am also planning a side-trip after the convention ends, to the AVSA office in Beaumont, Texas to volunteer for a week there as well! And of course that will also mean fun updates and photos from the office for all of you to see "where the magic happens".

So can anyone help out here? I'm not asking for lavish gifts to rain down upon me, just a couple dollars toward this "project", from anyone who can contribute.

My PayPal addy is
I tried to make a fancy button thing to put here, but Blogger is not cooperating.

If you prefer tangible goods over a warm feeling, you can also take a look at my ebay auctions. I'll be listing more & more of my awesome stuff on there over the next couple weeks or so. CLICK HERE to see what's good!
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