Friday, February 26, 2016

What's Blooming - February 26th, 2016

Did anyone think I gave up growing African violets? No way, man!! I'm just busy. Adulting is hard!

I'm only letting one flower stalk per plant open because I've got hopes of growing some show plants to enter in the big AVSA  National Convention which is in Albuquerque this year. And as if it's not exciting enough to go to convention this year after missing last year's, and visit an area of the country I've never been to before, AND travel with my amazing new(ish) Boyfie that I'm completely smitten with--This convention falls right during my birthday week! I cannot friggen WAIT!!!! Seriously I wish I could get knocked into a coma and wake up when it's time to go. Alas, that wouldn't be a very reasonable plan since I have to go to work every day and make that damn money for this kick azz vacation. WOMP WOMP! (update: None of that ended up happening, long sad story.)

So anyways, here's some pics of a few flowers open on my stand today. Click to biggerize!

Queen Sabrina
Jolly Frills
Munchkin Kisses

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