Sunday, June 3, 2018


A week has passed since leaving convention and I already miss my violet friends like crazy. Because (imo), the very best part of any African violet convention is the friends you get to visit with!
So here are some pics of SOME of my favorite people at convention, I'm really bummed I didn't get pics with more. Better luck next time I guess! :)
Jeff Hubbard
Stephen Covolo-Hudson, Linda Lloyd, and Jeff Hubbard
Joe Bruns
Clockwise from top left: My ye olde summer camp arts & crafts counselor Nancy J. Parisi (she lives in Buffalo!), me, Trudy Brekel, and Nancy's pal Jana
Vicki Carr
Lorna & Henry Russell
Ron & Jan Davidson
Bill Foster
David Harris
Laurel (aka Yanny!) Goretsky & Amy Carruth
BJ Ohme
Trudy Brekel and I at Niagara Falls
Janet Riemer (my roommate for the convention!)
Bob Clark
Carolee Carter & Neil Lipson
Lois Geil
Laurel (aka Yanny!) Goretsky
Amy Carruth
Kathleen Schnurr
Debbie McInnis
Fay Wagman
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