Saturday, November 15, 2014

YAY Dr. Jeff Smith!

I finally met him! :)

Species African Violets with Dr. Jeff Smith

Another awesome presentation from another awesome person!

Show Room is Crowded!

Dang there's a lotta people here to see the show!

Photog Duty

I gotta work, man!

Friday, November 14, 2014

MAAVS 2014 Winners!

Friendship Blooms in Russia with Marie Glass

Thank gawd I gotta pic at least, I totally missed the class. EWPZ!

Pot Dealing!

Everyone seems to think I'm kidding, but yah really! I'm helping at Cape Cod Violetry, and we're selling a ton of POTS! John Cook is the real kingpin, I'm just an assistant. :)

Hybridizing Class with Thad Scaggs

What!? I didn't even know Thad was here! I'll tackle him with a big hug when he's done teaching his awesome class.

Hi From MAAVS!

Greetings from Delaware! MAAVS 2014, sales room is open for biz! I'm behind the Cape Cod Violetry table, helping my friend John the pot dealer. ;) 

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