Friday, August 30, 2013


GAHD lately there is SO much spamming in the comments here on Fuzzy Foliage lately... Thankfully most of it is automatically removed by Blogger. But it's just annoying, 'cos I get all excited thinking someone actually commented on a post--But nope, it's just a thinly-veiled guise to post about Viagra or some such nonsense.

Side-question for the actual readers: Y U NO COMMENT MUCH!?

So anyhooz, I've decided to take drastic measures here in an effort to make myself feel like I'm in control. I'mna post my OWN Spam on my OWN blog. 


I love it best with eggs.
But honestly there's no wrong way to eat it.

Happy Friday everyone! :-)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tell Me, Who Are You?

'Cos I really wanna know!

As usual, my micro sinnies are putting on a flower show (I swear it's like they never stop) BUT... I I've got a little case of "whoooo are you?" going on around here! Anyone wanna play CSI: Gesneriads? Click pics to biggerize!

I have this one labeled as Wood Nymph. Gorgeous and has 6 flowers open right now: 

YOW! That is one gorgeous little container, is it not?
Of course there's never a show to enter when I have something this nice.
But guess what? I've got another container of Wood Nymph that I am pretty sure came from a different source, and there's one flower on it right now which it's much different:

And this isn't one of my weird sport things, the ones in this container always bloom this way.
When I did some googling, the one with bigger/darker flowers looks like maybe Razzmatazz or Carefree Regina? And Wood Nymph (for the most part) looked more like that one in the 2nd pic. I never got around to buying either Razzmatazz or Carefree Regina, but could it be one of those and was just labeled wrong? Anyone know? HALP PLZ!!

And here's one last pic where you can see them near each other and how obviously they aren't the same plant, whoooooever they are!!

If anyone knows, shout out the answer!

I love my micro Siningias, and I wanna keep them labeled properly!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Groomed, Repotted, Marathoned, & Domed!

Meant to post this yesterday but was busy with my real job. Got all my new plants fixed up 2 nights ago! (Click pics to biggerize!)

Ta-daaa don't they look perfect? Now to keep them that way..
(Note, I left one bloomstalk on Lovestruck 'cos I just wanna see the flower--it WILL come off as soon as it opens!)

Oh and here's a little "Sunday Funny" for ya... I made this for the LLG Facebook page and honestly, I'm quite proud of my work:

Let there be LEAVES!

Friday, August 23, 2013

African Violet Collection 2.0 / Adventures in Dolgeville

Time to start over! No more crying over spilled pollen! Get it? Thrips joke. It MITE not be funny... Ok, anyone know a good Mealy joke so I can complete the holy trifecta? 

Anyhooz, where's the best place to get a new collection? Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses in Dolgeville NY of course! Especially considering the 25% off coupon happening this week! (tomorrow's the last day, GET THERE!)

Ok so starting with the BEST THING FIRST: Here's my new box of awesomeness! A baker's dozen of new pretties. Now listen up all you excitable shopaholics, I purposefully did not go buckwild and grab a TON, because I think it's better if I keep it to just a few. That way maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can really focus and finally grow an actual SHOWPLANT worth a damn.

Let go of the past, here is the FUTURE! 

Here's a list of what I got (click on any that are linked to order your own--Continental US orders get 15% off this month by entering code AUGUST during checkout at!):

Li'l Ballerina (One of my all-time FAVES, had to replace)
Ness' Tiny Flame (Had it before, needed it again)
Roller Rink (have wanted this one forever!)

Lyon's June Bug (June Bug one of my nicknames, so it was a must)
Pixie Storm (never had this but decided to give it a shot)
Indigo Doll (I have a daughter named Indigo, so duh, obvies I needed that!)
Lexi (she was the last of the "old collection" that I tossed reluctantly!)
Pixie Redhead (Had that before, needed it again!)
Winter Love (I love WINTER it's my fave season, so it just seems right)

Episcia 'Cleopatra' (the leaves are just too pretty to resist.. Had it before, needed it back)

Inner Strength (We ALL need that, who knew it came in plant form?)
Lovestruck (just WOW this is one vibrant flower)
Sweet Affair (Winner of 2nd best new cultivar at the 2013 AVSA convention!)
Ok now let me be perfectly clear: Those 3 frighten me! Paul made me go way outta my comfort zone when he pushed a STANDARD at me. But then I thought well if one is good, three is better so... OMG THREE NEW STANDARDS jumped into my box!

Pics of my new pretties!!

THE MINIS (Always my favest)
Top: Roller Rink, left: Li'l Ballerina, right: Ness' Tiny Flame

(IMPORTANT: Keep in mind I was grabbing the chimeras from the "super secret employees only" room so they're stock quality (a bit overgrown and crazy, this isn't what you get when you order or shop like a normal customer--but we all know I am not normal!) We kept all the crazy extra leaves on so they'd be nice and cushioned for the 5 hour car ride.)
Top L-R: Pixie Redhead, Lexi, Winter Love
Bottom L-R: Indigo Doll, June Bug, Pixie Storm

Episcia 'Cleopatra'

Top: Lovestruck, left: Sweet Affair, right: Inner Strength
Yeah methinks, I'mna need a lot more than "INNER STRENGTH" to pull of growing BIG plants!
So yup, there's my AWESOME NEW COLLECTION! After my work shift is over today, I guess you all know what I'll be doing--Repotting!

Now for some pics from around LLG:

Our awesome "group employee pic"... Paul Sorano the owner, and me the facebook page admin.
All other employees were too busy actually working and/or too shy to be in a pic. :-p

Stay tuned!
My BFF Shea from Fat Sheamus Productions did some filming to make a little sumpin'-sumpin'!

This is Rocky the LLG mascot/viscous guard animal. I always love seeing him!!

Actual photo of me dead and in heaven!

 To see more from the awesome stuff from the greenhouses, be sure to head on over to the facebook page. Some stuff has already been posted, but there's LOTS more to come trust me!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get Rid Of It!!!

Sorry for not updating much over the summer, I've been busy tossing stuff--Clutter, weight, and sadly PLANTS!


I haven't had a lot to write about because sadly I got a buncha bugs in my collection. There, now you all know my horrible secret. And no, it really doesn't feel any better to finally talk about it.
Thrips, and mealies, and mites, OH MY!
Bad times. And so embarrassing. Srsly, feels shameful. Is this what having an STD feels like? (I don't really wanna know, thanks)

But it kinda all fit in with the state of my life anyhow, there's a definite theme for sure: "Get rid of it!!"
I've been spending the summer cleaning my apartment and losing weight. So now most of my plants got tossed too. Sad, but doesn't it just seem kinda right? 

I'm trying to save a VERY precious few but I dunno... 

Oh, Lexi.... I can't throw you away with that big head of blooms can I?
(Actually yes, she'll be going in the rubbish tomorrow, don't tell her)

The only African violets I really wanna save... Altho I can live without that one in the front/right if I have to.
The other 3, I really don't wanna lose.

The micro sinnies SHOULD be ok since they've been kept in this container by themselves for quite some time.
But I will be keeping an eye on them for sure.

Micro sinnie seeds I started the other day.
They should be fine since they were just seeds and nowhere near the infested stuff.
The GOOD NEWS is that TOMORROW I am going to my favorite place on earth, Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses and buying a new plant collection. The 25% off facebook coupon couldn't have been timed better! :-p

So other stuff I'm getting rid of?
Oh yeah see I am cleaning out my apartment too. 

And as you can see, I've been working really hard on THIS.
Seeing how I looked in convention pictures this year really lit a fire under my azz!

So that's that, thanks for reading. I'm sure there will be some good stuff to post after I get back from Lyon's, so stay tuned! And tap this link to go "Like" the facebook page if you haven't already!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

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