Sunday, October 24, 2010

Visit to The Violet Barn!

Lenny and I got quite a treat after the NYSAVS/MAAVS convention in Owego--We drove a coupla hours north-west to Naples and met Olive and Rob at The Violet Barn for a visit!
Rob and Olive by the sign

They had a cool sign for us on the door.

When you first walk in there's about 10 million awards... This is just a few of them!

Then you go thru the door and enter heaven!

Ahhhhh, swimming in a sea of minis made this mermaid VERY happy!!

Violet Barn mascots Gus and DeeDee!

Holy propagation, Batman!

And a little bit of gesneriad propagation. 
Check out that Ziploc-file-system-propping of kolhleria!

Rob and the doggies.

Olive and a doggie.

This is in the floor out back. 
No, they don't cost $6.99--I am thinking they either met or were married in June of 1999. AWWWWW!!

(Of course we went in, we're scoundrels!)



The doggies are getting tired of us.

Lenny and I are VERY happy here! 
We prolly shoulda just grabbed a coupla job applications..

What a great visit we had! Of course we spent way too much money, and brought home way too much stuff--But how could we NOT? Hope you've enjoyed this virtual-visit! If you ever get the chance, definitely go there. Even if you don't like African violets (why wouldn't you?), Naples is a BEAUTIFUL area with mountains and trees and vinyards...

Oh, last but not least--A special shout-out of thanks to Rob for the AWESOME Ko's Grapefruit Julep he gifted me:

 The end!

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