Friday, June 10, 2011

FYI: African Violets *CAN* Bloom Here

So I got home last night after my last few weeks in New Jersey and I have quite a few plants putting on a show for me. Perfect, now that the big National show has come and gone and no matter how hard I tried to trick them with increased lights and steam from boiling water all day every day, I couldn't get them to bloom their heads off for that!
Ness' Crinkle Blue
Oh well. With the crap going on in my life, I probably need the sight of these flowers right about now.

And thus begs the question: Disbud to start getting ready for fall shows, or just let them look pretty? Life circumstances are threatening to make it very difficult for me to attend MAAVS, NYSAVS, and TriState which I usually go to, so I may not even have anywhere to enter them anyway. What to do, what to do....?


  1. I would enjoy them while they're blooming. If you're having issues in your life, seeing all the prettiness that they're offering right now might make you smile more.


  2. What beautiful plants you got Ann-Marie! :D
    I especially love the Ness' Crinkle Blue, kind of reminds me of a blooming rose. That is going to be one violet that is definitely going on my wish list! :)
    I know it has been hard for you over the past couple of days and all in life, but as Sally said above enjoy those violets while they are blooming to put a smile on your face. Hope you will enjoy your beautiful bloomers! LOL :) *hugs*

  3. Thanks Sally and Dakjak.

    PS: Dakjak you can get a leaf of NCB if you take advantage of the Fuzzy Foliage/AVSA Promotion!

  4. I would definitely take the advantage but I'll probably join the AVSA next year or so, and wondering if you will still do the AVSA Promotion next year or so?

  5. Let them bloom! Those plants somehow knew that you were going to need their beauty after the show, which is why they didn't bloom on schedule. Smart little plants, huh? And beauties too.

  6. I'll do it as long as I have leaves to spare.

  7. Thank you so much! :)

  8. They look great! What a nice 'Crinkle Blue' you have.


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