Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bay State African Violet Society Annual Luncheon

Today was a fun day in Bedford, Massachusetts! The Bay State AVS had their big fall luncheon, with special guest speakers all the way from Ohio--Mel Grice and Pat Hancock. Yes, THE Buckeye Beauty herself, Pat Hancock.

In addition to the fun of seeing lots of violet-friends, there was  also an impressive sales table, a buffet lunch, a great talk by Pat and Mel, then a lively raffle to end the day.

I surveyed the raffle table early and decided I really wanted this old book from 1951, 'All About African Violets' by Montague Free. I just love old books with ancient/outdated advice. And the best part is the illustration showing the "varieties"of blossoms.. Purple or pink? That's about the extent of it!

Well, during the raffle they kept calling number after number but none of mine. Joyce (who was sitting next to me, the vice president of our Windsor AVS) kept winning over and over. Imagine my delight when she came back after her 3rd win and handed me the book as a gift!
Her generosity gave her more good luck, she went on to win 3 more times.

Finally one of my numbers was called and the pickings were slim so I chose a small book about gesneriads. Or, "A Weed Book" as I call it.

All in all a very fun day.

Only one week left to the New York State AVS convention in Rochester, NY. Lenny and I will be photographing the show plants AND giving a presentation on photography... 
(...pretty nervous about that last bit.)


  1. That looks like one well attended event, it definitly makes it satisfying for an organizer when events are well attended like this. Hope you had fun, and not too much work to do once you get home... you have a show just around the corner don't you?

  2. I've got THREE shows coming right up, but sadly I have no plants to enter right now :-(

  3. How did your plants fair while you were away? You have a neighbour violet sitter don't you?

    Also which shows, I have some people heading that way for a show this week. Maybe they will bump into you.


  4. I just wrote a new post with show dates (and links) for all 3 :-)


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