Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Fuzzy Foliage!

Williams-Sonoma's very expensive African violet cake

One year ago today I started this little African violet blog. Since then, there have been 17,560 visitors from 79 countries around the world! How cool is that??

I know I've been pretty spotty as far as posting over the last few months.. My plants are tanking and I guess it's just kinda depressing me. I think I have mites or something, so I may need to toss them all out and start over. Hard to think about, I'm very attached to some of them. :-(

Hopefully I will get my act together soon and post more regularly, I really enjoy this blog and the fact that there has been such a great following. I don't wanna give up on everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday! I didn't know you'd only been blogging here for a year!

    So sorry to hear about your plant troubles. Maybe you can at least save leaves from your favorite plants and start them over? I read a post on the Brats board last night from a woman who ended up with thrips after going to a show. It got me wondering if I *really* want to take any of my plants to show or not. I'd be heart broken if I took some of my favorite/best plants to a show and then had to throw them out because they picked something up.

    Hang in there... we're all here for ya!

  2. So sorry about your violets Ann-Marie :(. Don't fell so bad I have lost quite a few leaf propagations and two plants due to root rot :(. So I understand how you feel. As mites I haven't experienced that yet and hope not to. But it could happen when I least expect it. Well I hope you could save some leaves and propagate those to start over. That is one of the reasons why I love violets because you can propagate them by leaf and make a new plant. Anyway thanks for this blog and please do continue posting pics on your blog of your violet adventures and helpful tips. It sure did help me on how to care for them. :)

  3. Mites?

    [pained look] Sorry.

    Have you tried the soak-in-110-degree-water-for-15-minutes thing? Are there too many plants for that to be practical? I managed to salvage one that way, when I had whatever mites I had on my AVs.

    Congrats on the blogiversary, regardless.

  4. I know that feeling too well; isn't it amazing how depressing it is to think about your plants when you are lost as to what to do with them and it just feels so forboding? I vote, just spray them.

    I tried the soak in 110 degrees for 15 min, and it killed every plant I tried it with. If you get a survivor it does work though.

    There is a vendor on ebay who sells 1/2ou portions of Forbid 4F for $20. Considering how concentrated it is, that will last you for years. It's the best miticide out there, go save your plants!!

  5. Linda is right - get that Forbid and use it. Congratulations on your 1 year blog anniversary! Great job! Jana

  6. John Cook gave me a bottle of Avid, but I'm scared to spray it 'cos I have kitties.. :-/

  7. Forbid has a less toxic label than Avid. Do not spray either in the house. Take them outside, use full covering and spray them there. There is a 12hr REI on Forbid, Avid is probably the same. Spray outside, bring back in, leave them alone a couple days. My cats leave my violets alone, I had no problems with them and Forbid. Dont spray in the house!


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