Monday, January 9, 2012

African Violet Note Cards

A couple years ago, Lenny and I took some of our best African violet photographs and printed up some note cards to sell at the 2010 AVSA convention. They went over pretty well, and the fun thing for us is seeing where they've popped up over time. (this person sent a card to that person, etc..)

Set 1

Set 2
We kinda put the cards on the back burner for a while but since they've gotten out and about, a lotta people have asked how they can get some... Well, good news--We're back at it again!

Click to order - African Violet Note Cards - Set 1
Click to order - African Violet Note Cards - Set 2

They're great cards showcasing some of our very best photography, if I do say so myself. (And I do!)
Blank inside for writing long angry rants, sappy love letters or obsessive stalker manifestos (Valentine's is coming!), thank-you notes to judges who have participated in your club's African violet shows, letters to congresspersons, or you can even just draw pretty pictures in them--It's all up to you what to use 'em for! Oh and they come with envelopes, of course.
We'll also be selling them individually soon, for those that don't want a complete set (but really, why wouldn't you want a full set?)

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