Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Mystery Micro Sinningia

What the heck is going on around here? This is another mystery sinningia. Labeled as 'Snowflake', but is very obviously NOT! Snowflake is a pure white with little notches on the petals. Very unique and cute!

This little mystery guy is a deep dark purple (never seen a micro sinn this dark) with a white throat that has purple spots. The corolla is white with a dark purple top. Dark green round/heart shaped leaves. It's REALLY nice looking, but what's it's name??

PS: Sorry for all the "weed" posts lately, what am I turning into, a gesneriNERD??


  1. Did you ever get an ID on these 2 sinningias? Jana

  2. Nope, I woulda posted if I had. They seem to be sports. Here's hoping they remain stable!!

  3. I am very interest in finding out about your "Snowflake" that isn't Snowflake! Please write me privately. I too collect the micro-minis and am always on the lookout for a new one.

  4. Linda Z here again! Was hoping to hear from your about your "Snowflake". Please write me, I would like to discuss your sport with you. I have a collection of all the micro-mini sinningias and might possibly like to do some trading with you.

  5. Pretty sure this was a "one and only". :-( Glad I at least got a pic, but that's about all we'll ever have from it I guess.


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