Friday, December 21, 2012

Stripey Weirdness Is Following Me!?

So today is the end of the world (lolz), and Lenny and I are spending it in the car on our way to New Jersey so I can spend the holidays down there. We decided to take a little detour and go visit Debbie at her lab (I've posted about her a few times here on the blog)...

When I saw this plant of Granger's Sugar Frost on one of her stands, I had to do a double, and then triple-take. I seriously thought all the painkillers I'm on were giving me hallucinations!

Check out how both flowers each have one petal with no stripe. How cool is that?? And why am I running into so many weird things when it comes to chimeras lately? What does it MEAN, I ask you? Ok, the pills are kicking in good now, time for a nap.


  1. Wow! Now that is something different. may I have permission to copy and post the image of the Granger Sugar Frost (with one petal pink) on my blog ( I will then have a link to your Dec 21 post? Thank you.

  2. Sure thing! Any chance you could put on the pic itself? I can't do it from my phone and I'm not near a compute computer..

    1. Absolutely! I will do that. It will post Jan 15th. Thank you.


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