Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Repotting DONE!

Well mostly.

I FINALLY decided it was time to try and get my plants repotted so they can hopefully get in shape for the 2013 AVSA Convention which is in Austin TX this spring. (the last day, June 2nd, is my BIRTHDAY, you want to be there, trust me!)

I should have done a "before" pic, but it was much too embarrassing, so I've just done some "after" pics.
The Stand - Yes I'm in Maine, but this has nothing to do with Stephen King.. But the sun coming in bouncing off the snow is giving a horrible back-lit effect. The Shining maybe? (seriously, watch that video, you will LOL so hard)
The view from my stand, Jesus & friends watch over my plants from across the way..
And shake their heads every day at all my mistakes.
There, I put the batik fabric (aka ghetto curtain) down to block the sun so you can see the stand better...
I still need to repot most of the mini Sinningias..
I'll get to it after I've got the seed pods I'm trying to get.
Hoping that Frosty Bubbles in the front there will do well.

Possibilities.. Midget Silver Fox and Cherry Princess.

TWO Eternal Orbit plants back there...
Hopefully I can whip at least one of them into a decent show plant?

Not everything got repotted. Here are my only standards.
I have a badly neglected Fancy Free that I need to tackle and leaves down of Cranberry Crush that are making babies

Yes I know I need to take these out from the dome....
But at least I repotted every single one of them! That's one step of the battle done at least.
Saved the best for last--My super-faves, the itty bitties!! I've got 2 Ness' Tiny Flame, and 1 each of Rob's June Bug, Li'l Ballerina, and Li'l Periscope. I keep these covered on purpose, the pots are only teeny 1 inch thumbpots and they dry out in like an hour.
So yeps, that's what my stand looks like today. And I'll be honest, I threw out a lot that I just didn't wanna deal with. (I'm kinda ruthless with plants that way, if it doesn't do well on my stand, it goes in the trash.)
In a couple days, I have to go up north to care for my 90 year old Grammie for 2 weeks (she's recovering from a broken hip), so who knows how great they'll look once I get home from that. But it's ok, my Grammie RULES (proof in that video, click it!)

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  1. I'm so, so familiar with the horrifying 'before' pics. And squeeee for the tinys! I'm all about the minis and micros; or I will be once I get my lighting issues nailed down.



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