Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goodbye 2013 AVSA Convention!

This is the most bittersweet birthday ever! Having to say goodbye to everyone is so hard. To wrap things up, here are a few of my favorite people... (I missed quite a few,  whaaa!)
I'll caption the pics with names when I get a chance to.
Sue Hoffman and Bill Foster
Carol (um, forgot her last name) and Paul Kroll
Jami Anderson and Russell Kirchner from Optimara!
Winston and Laurel Gorestsky
Sharon and Paul Rosenzweig
Bill Price, Kathy Bell, and Kathy Lahti
Rhona Thurman and Betty Ferguson 
Debbie McInnis, Kurt Jablonski, and Irina Nichols
Andrea Worrell
Barbara Jones, Peggy Mooney, and Linda Kilby
Paul Sorano and Vladimir Kilgin
Pam Kopec and... ???
Neil Lipson and Laurel Brown
Alcie Maxwell, Glenda Williams, and Sandy Skalski
Abby Seymour and Michi Harper
Henry and Lorna Russell
Ron Davidson and Kathy Lahti
Linda Hall and Lynne Allen
Bob Clark and Chelsea Tidwell
Joyce Stork and Libbie Glembocki
Steve and Donna Turner
Mahlen and Brenda Petry
Amy Carruth and John Carter
Penny Smith-Kerker and Diane Buck
Alcie Maxwell and Danny Tidwell
Nancy Hayes and Janet Riemer
John Carter - Our new AVSA president!
Edna Rourke, Elmer Godney, and Sue Ramser
Fay Wagman and Mel Grice
Brandon Erickson with his hubz
Anne & Richard Nicholas with family members (can't remember their names, sorry)
BJ Ohma and Belinda 
Paul Sorano and.... some stupid gurl :-p


  1. Boo-boo! In the sixth photo from the top, the guy wearing the 'Violets Dance Across Texas' emblazoned on his t-shirt is none other than Bill Price, not Bill Foster.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, I still have "recovering from vacation"-brain!


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