Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Plants Plants Plants 9.17.13

I think I'll start posting pics of my collection every month or so. Maybe it'll help keep me in check (on a few levels).. Plus it might be fun to watch things progressing. Good times? Ok, so here goes! (click pics to biggerize)

Here are most of the new ones I picked up at Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses 4 weeks ago. (the others are in a different tray) Dome taken off for picture.
Um wow, those standards are getting BIG and it's FREAKING ME OUT!!!

Yeah, here's where people will know for sure that I have lost my mind.
I was JUST at LLG, and yet I came home and ordered a few more from them which were delivered a few days ago.
*sigh* Yes, really.

The micro sinnies!
Got a few more crosses in the works.
Also disbudded one to see if that helps with timing bloom cycles for a show..
Ok I dunno wtf I'm doing, but it's fun to experiment and pretend I do sometimes.

The sicko ward!
All treated up and sharing space with a sticky card just in case.... *shivers*

The other sicko ward, a Cherry Princess sucker I'm hoping will be pest-free.

Some AV leaves, some tiny mini AVs, and 3 micro sinnie seed cups
Pretty sure only that one on the bottom right will actually amount to anything, the other 2 still haven't germinated. They weren't crosses, just muscicola dark and pusilla 'White Sprite'. Anyone got seeds of either of those? Trade for seeds of muscicola regular?

Well, that's my collection as of right meow! Hope anyone cares. :-p 


  1. Hi! I admit I only visit here every couple weeks/months, but I do enjoy your blog and your collection, especially your micromini Sinningias. Having recently tossed 90% of my AV collection, I've decided to turn my attentions to the rest of the Gesneriad family; I have some mini Sinns and a couple of microminis (Rias das Padras (?sp) and Mighty Mouse) thanks to a very generous AV Brat Pack member.

    I promise I'll visit more often, and comment more often too.

    Your fan,


    1. Aw, please don't give up on AVs Korina!!! :-( <3

  2. Please, I still have 23 varieties, plus multiples. My conditions aren't right, so rather than constantly fighting it, I'll just try new things. The Sinningias are quite happy on the top shelf, and I want a couple of Streps for the bottom shelf. Besides, fewer plants to take care of means plants that are better taken care of. Or something.



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