Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Does This Keep Happening!?

I have GOTTA stop hanging around with that dude from Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses... New African violets seem to follow me home whenever I see him AHHHHHHHHH!!

Top row: Sierra Sunrise, Heart's Aglow, Untamed Heart, Cosmic Blast
Middle row: Cupid's Jewel, Heartbreak Kid, Dark Kiss
Bottom Row: Pip Sqeek, Li'l Periscope, Teeny Bopper, Little Blue Bandit, Little Darlin'

Yeah 3 more standards in that lot, just what I needed. For those keeping count, this brings me up to EIGHT standards now! The truly sick part? I had 3 more on my wishlist that are currently out of stock and I'm waiting on 'em. Please call the loony bin and reserve a bed for me ASAP! Oh, and make sure the room has a window with good light for the plants.

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