Saturday, March 22, 2014

Plants Plants Plants 3.22.14

OMG OMG OMG OMG GUESS WHAT!? noID #2 is blooming! What is noID #2? And who cares? It's the 2nd African violet I ever bought (just a week or two after noID #1, back in Feb of '07) and here's the kicker--It's NEVER ONCE bloomed for me in 7 years. Sure it had a flower or two when I bought it, but never again have I seen it do anything but sucker. Ok it's not that exciting. But it kinda is. To me. Shut up.

Here it is! noID #2. Are you over it? Ok.
 So here's what's currently happening on other areas of my plant stand:

The standards are nice & flowery.
I'm sure I won't get them to a show (even if I could manage to time the flowering, I don't drive, so transporting them would be nearly impossible) it's ok--I'm still having fun with these and learning new things. And I've got a ton more to learn, so good.
Untamed Heart is pretteh. That flower is gigantic!
Like, I have full grown plants smaller than that hahaha

Micro sinnies. Let's keep it bloomin', guys!
Last but not least, this little guy is still hanging in there...Will it still look cute 3 weeks from now for the Windsor African Violet Club's show in Connecticut? Who knows? 

So that's what's happening here. How are your plants doing? What shows are you looking forward to attending this spring season? Get at me, bruh!

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