Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 2014 Visit To Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses!

Yay!! Pics from my visit to Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses! (As usual. click pics to biggerize)

My buddy Rocky was like, stuck on me!
I walked around wearing him like a fancy purring stole for like 20 minutes.
Some of the new 2014 LLG intros!!
Instant Attraction
Free Falling
No Regrets
Hawaiian Cloud
Geyser of Color
Twinkle Twirl
Brother's Bond
Brother's Bond again, 'cos lookit the size of that flower!
High Expecations
Circus Fascination
Irish Lassie
Sister's Secrets

Here's a buncha pics from around the greenhouses. What a sight it was, everything was in FULL BLOOM!! Hard to capture in pics, waaaaaay better in-person. If you ever get a chance to go visit, DO IT!

Bipolar Plant™ needs to take its meds!
Me & Paul--HAI ERRYONE!!
Aaaaaaand one more Rocky snuggle pic, just for good measure.

And I know you're all wondering what I got while I was there...
I left a couple plants there, I swear... 
Hope you all enjoyed this virtual visit!!

Note: This is a back-dated entry, I actually went three weeks ago, but I've been busy preparing my life for upcoming scary surgeries on my GirlyBits™ in a coupla weeks, and then convention a coupla weeks after that. I'm really sorry for not getting it up sooner. But at least I finally did!


  1. Nice job, AnnMarie -and great pictures! We missed you at our Bay State show this year at Tower Hill!

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