Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So, This Happened..

I just haaaaad to order some super cool address labels with my new favorite pic!
I got them on ebay from simply*sally. You use whatever pic you want and choose your own font & layout style. She emails you immediately with a sample to go over everything before printing. They're frikken laser printed, super profesh, highly recommended!! And I wasn't asked by her for a plug on my blog--She earned it fair & unaware! 

PS I knowwwwwww I need to update that Optimara entry and I also have eleventy billion pics of show plants from convention to upload, I just haven't gotten to it yet! But I will, I will. 


  1. Come back to Dimeforscale!
    We miss you. (I do.)

    ex-Mainer Prison Mike


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