Monday, December 13, 2010

Fuzzy Foliage is 1 Month Old Today!

Wow! A month in and I've already racked up 797 visitors!
I wonder if I can hit 800 by midnight?? Got any friends you can pass my link to real quick? Help me hit 800 visitors in my first month, just for shiggles!!
Edit: You did it! I'm well over 800 now, THANKS!! <3

The poll for this month asked what size African violets you grow. Here are the results:

15% Only standards/large (8 votes)
05% Only minis/semis (3 votes)
79% I grow all sizes (42 votes)
(0%) I hate polls (0 votes)

So it looks like the majority of folks like a lotta diversity in their collections!
I'm in the minority--No, not the "I hate polls" lot, the 5% minis/semis one. In fact I only have like, 3 semis--and those are only allowed because they're sentimental ones given to me by special people, or else I'd have no semis allowed at all!

The next poll will start on January 1st, 'cos I would like to have them go for a calendar month instead of starting halfway thru a month. Feel free to submit any ideas you have for good poll questions!

Well, that's all for now I guess. Thanks for an awesome first month, all of you! Don't forget to start leaving comments and letting me know more of what you want!


  1. Congratulations! When you've got a good product they will come--and you got one fantastic site! I remember the thrill of 1000 hits (and it took me almost a year!)

  2. Thanks Lane, I appreciate that! <3


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