Monday, December 6, 2010

Micro Sinningia pusilla Babies--Now What??

I'm transplanting my micro sinningias from condiment cups sitting in a sealed GladWare® container to some individual glass thingies that I think will look very sharp when I'm done.

I'd always heard these things set (and spilled, and germinated) their seed quite easily, but as I was taking pusilla out of the old condiment cup, I finally got to be witness to it!

Now the important question--HOW in the world am I supposed to separate these teeny little sprouts so I can spread 'em out in the little glass thingy I wanna grow in? Eep!  
Any suggestions?? (UPDATE 2.21.11 I did it! Check out the video HERE!)

PS: I am sending this from my brand new phone, the HTC Evo. That's right, I've gone DROID, BABY! The incredible camera on this phone is what sold me on it! Now hopefully they'll send me some cash for saying that--I am still saving up for my Nikon, after all. ;-)


  1. Maybe try micro-surgery?

  2. Jana Banana!! I tried micro-surgery, all I did was crush a few. So I set them back on dirt and I'll reattempt when they get bigger!

    Hey why aren't you a "follower" of my blog? All you gotta do is click that "follow" thing... It makes me look popular! :-D

  3. Ok, I *think* I did the follower thing?


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