Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sad Violet Is Sad

Check out this sad African violet we spotted at the Hyundai dealership this morning. It was so hard not to groom it up and pluck off those yellow leaves!
The single blossom was all tucked down under the foliage, we did pull that out so it could be displayed before we left it..


  1. Poor sad violet. I would have asked if they minded if I spruce it up a bit and then would have offered some advice on how to care for it. :D

    Pretty flower though!

  2. Oh so sad. :( I would also love to groom that plant, water it if it needs it, pluck off the yellow leaves, and probably take some healthy leaves to propagate, so I can have the same plant. It also looks like it needs to be in a smaller pot and the plant itself is too deep in the pot. Oh if only you could of done alot more for the violet for the people who own this sad looking plant that needs some major tlc(tender, love, and care).


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