Sunday, July 10, 2011

Teh Hawt Plant Secks!

Lenny and I just crossed  Sinningia 'Gabriel's Horn' x Sinningia pusilla! Now we're gonna put on a Barry White record and hope they make some babies.
What I'm really hoping is that they'll make some interesting/colorful micros since the mommy is a vibrant two-tone double, and pusilla (a micro) is the daddy!


  1. Good luck making babies with Lenny! LOL! Jana

  2. Wow, your first time hybridizing. I hope your cross will soon be successful. Did you have to cover the plants in a clear plastic bag so the stigma will recieve the pollen? And did you cross it only once or multiple times? Also how long does it usually take for sinnigias to get seed pods?


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