Sunday, April 1, 2012

FINALLY made a good hybrid!

A long time ago I made an African violet cross. Waited months for the seed pod to dry out, put down the seeds, waited months for all of them to grow and bloom, and got one plant worth naming and saving. Then it took months of propagating it thru 3 generations to make sure it would stay blooming true. I think it's pretty special, definitely worth the wait.

At long last, I present...

m3rma1d's Orange Zinger
04/01/2012 (A. Keene) Semidouble-double bright orange pansy. Dark green, plain/red back. Miniature
Click to biggerize
FINALLY, an ORANGE African violet!


  1. Wow, orange! Nice April Fool's Day zinger!

  2. omg... I was all like OMG OMG... forgot it was April 1st.

    Violet :P

  3. Is it really an April Fool's? :/ Anne-Marie, you need to make this one a reality! :D

  4. A Will it be ready to enter in the WAVS show?? Are you doing an April Fool's Joke!!??

  5. I bet it smells as nice as it looks!

  6. "I bet it smells as nice as it looks!" Yep, I'm sure the faux violet's made of plastic or wax!

  7. Wow, I didn't know about it!!
    such a beauty! :D


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