Wednesday, May 2, 2012

African Violet Road Trip Part 2: The Violet Barn

Just leaving Violet Barn now, feeling like the luckiest girl on Earth. Managed to hit TWO huge African violet vendors in one day, could anything be more awesome?

Just like the "Part 1" post, I'm just gonna post some random pics until I can do a "real" (ie not from my phone) post. Oh yes, there are Super Secret things from the "Restricted Access" room that have to be shown in better detail.

What did I buy? Celina Dark Velvet, Rob's Lucky Penny, Rob's Twinkle Blue, and Rob's Twinkle Pink.

Man, Lyndon Lyon's AND Violet Barn all in one day. I'm feeling very fulfilled. And very tired!


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  2. We had a wonderful time there! Thank you for sharing the photos! I felt lucky too, because I went there with two serious AV nerds!


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