Saturday, May 12, 2012

Southern New Jersey African Violet Club's First Show & A Visit To Fancy Bloomers

Today we took a ride to Egg Harbor City, NJ and checked out the Southern New Jersey AVC's very first African violet show! (Note: All the pics in this post can be clicked to enlarge)
SNJAVC's Very First Show!
A good first effort, and I think they'll definitely improve as the club gets more and more established. We all gotta start somewhere! I'm really excited about this new club and will probably be joining them.

Then we took a little ride to Fancy Bloomers. The owner, Donna, is also a member of SNJAVC. WOW, her space is chock full of gorgeous plants! I'll just let these pictures explain...

Lenny, you better not be stealing leaves!
Lenny bought me a Rob's Ooey Gooey as my Mother's Day Gift. (Because I told him to, of course)
Here's a pic of Donna's Rob's Ooey Gooey. Nice huh?

That's all for now, hope all the moms out there have a Happy Mother's Day, and to all the people for whom the day is bitter-sweet (me included), give yourself an extra hug, and maybe hug someone else you love too. <3


  1. Thanks for the click-able pics! Much better. Isn't Donna super nice! Can't wait to see you again in Detroit. You still going to help get donations for our dinner? Jana

  2. Love Rob's Ooey Gooey, what's the one just behind it?

  3. That's OK. Love your blog.


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