Friday, November 26, 2010

More Family African Violet Abuse...

Against my better judgement, I just repotted the African violet ('Waterdancer') that Lenny and I gave my Grammy Golding for Xmas last year into a self-watering 2-part ceramic African violet pot. I tried to tell her it's not the greatest, but it's what she wanted. And my auntie Sally made the pot. So we'll see what happens. Watch it thrive just to prove me wrong :-)


  1. Test all 'self watering pots' before you use them. Although the inner pot might not be glazed, it might have been fired in such a way (too hot) that even though it looks porous, it is not. To test simply put water in the outer pot then place the inner pot inside. Wait an hour and you should notice a moist inside pot. If not it won't be 'self watering'. Some pots have allowed a lot of moisture. I put 1/2" of perlite in the bottom of these then fill with soil mix that has over 50% perlite.



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