Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rob's Tippy Toe Sport?

I just performed the anti-shrubbery surgery on that Rob's Tippy Toe that you might have seen on my shelf the other day... The bloom is weird tho, anyone know if there's a sport?
I usually throw stuff in the bin that doesn't bloom true, but I actually think it's way prettier than what Rob's Tippy Toe is supposed to look like so I kept it.

I HAVE, in the past, had Rob's Tippy Toe(s) that bloomed solid purple--which is a sport, but not a good sport, so into the bin they went. This seems to be different, because it's keeping some white... Altho maybe that means it's on it's way to solid purple? I hope not. We'll see, I guess. I'll try and keep it around to see what it does next bloom cycle, but I can't guarantee I won't get impatient and toss it--I can be very ruthless that way >:-)

UPDATE (3:02pm) Talked it over with Joe Bruns and there's no registered sport of Rob's Tippy Toe yet. So as long as this cutie doesn't go boring solid purple, I can propagate it thru 3 generations and register it. This will definitely insure that I don't get impatient and toss it! I'm off to put down leaves--AND I gotta think up a cool name now... Perhaps "Mermaid's Trippy Dippy"? Maybe not. Will have to think on it.


  1. Mermaid's Feelin' Tipsy?

    Feel free to shout out your own ideas*!

    (*Don't be sad if I don't use them!)

  2. I LOVE your web site. Is it the standard to propagate three generations before registering the new flower?

  3. Thank you so much, AugustD! Please feel free to click in that "Follow The Fuzzy" thing at the top so you can get the updates easier.

    Yes, to register a new cultivar you need to propagate it out thru 3 generations to make sure it blooms true each time. African violets can be unstable and you wouldn't wanna register something that only bloomed once, because it may not bloom that way again--and that would really annoy everyone :-)

  4. Mermaid Explosion
    Mermaids Wake Up Calll

    Lol, i cant think of a better one than Mermaid's Feelin tipsy...but i dont think that whats his face will like that

  5. It's always a bonus when what's-his-face doesn't like things! ;-)


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