Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Made a Quick Repotting Video

Comments welcome!


  1. I'm curious - why didn't you scrape the exposed crown to promote new roots?

  2. Hi Peter,
    This plant didn't really have any callouses because the leaves were removed right then as you saw, so there wasn't really anything to scrape. There was perhaps a little callous down toward the end, but it got lopped off when I cut the bottom, I can't remember.

    There was article from Dr Jeff Smith last year (or maybe the year before?) in the AVSA mag regarding the issue. He did an experiment and had his university students do a buncha plants, some scraped, some not scraped, and if I recall, it didn't seem to make any difference in the end! (maybe even the un-scraped ones went faster?)

    However, when there is a callous on the stem I usually do scrape--Mostly just outta habit more than anything else.

    Thanks for commenting!
    Hope you'll follow my blog :-)

  3. Did you ever do a follow up video to this one Ann-Marie, on how to separate those babies once big enough and get them started?

  4. Sorry the above was supposed to end up under the starting a plant from a leaf video :/ sorry lol

  5. Dawn--I didn't yet make the follow-up to the leaf starting video.. I wanna make sure the babies are big enough to show on the video :-) It will be pretty soon.

  6. Hello m3rma1d! I just discovered your website today and I am totally delighted with your "how to" videos regarding African Violets! I leaned so much and will be returning for further instruction. I also will be looking for how to separate the babies from the leaf. I have 3 going and I plan to keep the strongest one since I don't have room for very many violets(limited good light). Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping all of us. Your violet leaves are such a vivid green! They look awesome! Blessings to you and your plants! Jan P.S. Will you be putting videos re: orchids on your website some day?

  7. Jan--I don't really "do" orchids, so probably not. Sorry! But I will provide all the African violet and gesneriad stuff I possibly can, I promise that! Should be making the "separating babies from a leaf" video fairly soon!


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