Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paul Sorano To Appear On The Martha Stewart Show

Paul Sorano  from Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses just sent out word that he recently went to Manhattan to film a very short (only 5 minutes!) segment about African violets on The Martha Stewart Show. Hope he talked fast, can't wait to see how much info he managed to cram into that amount of time!
The episode will air Tuesday, February 7th* at 10:00 am on the Hallmark channel. Set your DVR now--And  if you don't have DVR, don't get up for a snack  watching it live, you might miss him!
*Note: it WAS Monday the 6th, but had been changed to Tuesday the 7th!


  1. Oh man I don't really have cable to watch it. ;( I would really love to see this segment! Is there any way you could record it and post that segment on Youtube for those who can't really watch it? Would very much appreciate it if you could do this!!!!! :D

  2. I don't want Martha suing me for copyright infringement... Plus, I am down at Lenny's and he doesn't have cable, so I'm gonna have to cross my fingersand hope I eventually see the re-run at home someday.

    1. Bummmer! :( Everything nowadays is "infringing" on people's Copyright (blah, blah, blah).Can we just post a video without all the law mumbo jumbo and just get along? Oh well, thanks anyways.

  3. I went to the Martha Stewart web site & they have a video from that day's broadcast. I hope it will show Paul when I check it Tuesday after the broadcast. Also, I'm gonna check hulu for it. Jana

  4. Here's a link to the info for Paul's show: Jana

  5. Here's a link from Al to Paul Sorano on TV:


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