Monday, February 20, 2012

Steptocarpus Overload!

I just finished putting a ton of Lenny's strep seedlings into the "million cell tray" as I call it. (in reality, it only has 288 cells)
Chevrolet, Ice Tea, Wow, Web Of Intrigue, Snowy Night, Geronimo, Filip, Remembering John, Kaminpa, Bridie, Lollipop Dream, Neil's Lipstick, and Fire Dragon--All carefully taken of the mama leaves and lined up in their own neat little rows.
Grow babies, grow!


  1. Holy schmoly! That's a lot of streps. How long did it take to get them all separated and transfered?

  2. Hi Ann-Marie, I to have a lot of babbies, some Russian and some Nancy Block. Lets trade when you come to Nancy's


  3. LOL Mark--"Holy Schmoly", I say that all the time!! And to answer your question, I worked on this tray the last 3 days. Prolly coulda banged it out in 1 day, but I was being lazy.

    Deb--That sounds great, I will bring you some of Lenny's Polish ones. See you this weekend!

  4. I just wish I could click that photo & make it bigger to see it better. Jana


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