Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VIDEO: Paul Sorano On The Martha Stewart Show

Special thanks to Alcie who got the video and posted it for all of us! Good going, man!!

Paul looks so nervous and shy. Adorbz!! <3


  1. A-M, can you please do us a big favor? I think Paul Sorano's a good friend of yours. Please ask him to name all the mini and standard plants he brought to The Martha Stewart Show set Please also ask him what medium he uses to propagate all his leaves.

    Thanks much.

  2. Thank you for posting the video! I had it on my calender but forgot to watch. You're right, he looks SO nervous!

    Violet :P

  3. Yeah!!! Finally I can watch it!!!! Thanks so much to both Ann-Marie and Alcie! :)

  4. Anonymous--I asked him, waiting for a reply. Keep in mind he may not even remember, he coulda just grabbed a bunch without really putting much thought into it. But I'll let you know what he says!

  5. Anonymous--Here ya go! If you win any bets, I want a cut.

    > Hi Ann-Marie,
    > Here's a list of most of the ones I can remember:
    > Strawberry Wave
    > Mystic Mermaid
    > Lilac Fanfare
    > Lady in Red
    > Eternal Orbit
    > Neptune's Thunder
    > Amour Elite
    > White Queen
    > Neptune's Treasure
    > Psychedelic Show
    > Yukako
    > Frosted Denim
    > Just Jeff
    > King's Ransom
    > Rob's Lucky Penny
    > Sassy Sadie
    > Winter Smiles
    > Celtic Rose
    > Lucky Ladybug
    > Hope this helps!
    > Paul

  6. Ann-Marie - will you post that on VR yahoo? Alcie asked that when he posted the link to the video for all of us. Thanks! Jana


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