Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sales Room OPEN!

Shop,  shop,  shop! Spend,  spend, spend!


  1. Thanks for the convention updates! I wonder how you pack plants to fly home. Do they go in checked baggage or carry on?

  2. Anonymous, I can't speak on behalf of others, but I always placed my plants (all neatly wrapped with newspaper) in luggage and toted them as carry-on luggage. Better to lose my clothes and other personal belongings in checked baggage than my plants!

  3. Addendum: I usually returned home with over 100 plants, sometimes as many as 150 (some were for me; rest, for friends).

  4. Thanks for your reply. 150 plants, wow! I wonder what THAT looked like to security on the xray scanner LOL!

    I've never been to a convention before and am hoping next year's in Nashville will be my first. I'm already planning/dreaming on how to bring home a jungle...


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