Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well, Hello There..

I'm so psyched! I came home today from NJ and my Sinningia concinna greeted me with the first bloom I'd ever seen on it. Took almost a year but it was worth the wait, especially considering it doesn't take up much space.
Sinningia concinna
Nearby, Sinningia Wood Nymph has a flower as well. 
Sinningia Wood Nymph

And so does Star Eyes on the shelf above. 
Sinningia Star Eyes

Which is near Lexi, a semi chimera African violet (yes I still grow African violets too--I swear haha).

Lexi--Click here to order from LLG!
None of my plants will be good enough to enter at the AVSA convention next week because I missed some key "pay attention to them" times while I was away up north taking care of my awesome 90 year old Grammie back in March. 

But, at least today the plants are still showing me a little love on my stands, and that always makes me feel good.

Sinningia friends concinna (left) and Wood Nymph (right)

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