Saturday, May 31, 2014

AVSA 2014 General Meeting

Big crowd, long meeting, no drama.
I got recognized for being the individual that recruited the most new members, 22 of 'em--WHOOHOO!!
Here's an "ussie" with Joyce Stork the AVSA membership chair, my silly azz, and John Carter the AVSA president. 


  1. A-M, you go, gurl!

  2. I love your blog -- thank you for all you do! I'm about to join the AVSA for the first time. How do I let them know you recruited me? I didn't notice a spot to put that on their online application, and I don't know who to credit other than "Fuzzy Foliage" :). Please let me know; I want to give credit where credit is due. Thanks again!

    1. In the order note section toward the bottom, you can just write "Referred by Ann-Marie Keene"!


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