Thursday, May 29, 2014

Convention Opening

I made it a bit late but my friend Danny told me the AVSA president announced that around 60 people are here for their very first convention. How freakin' cool is that!? What if they come back next year, and everyone who usually comes keeps coming, and we get another 60 newbies? And keep doing that every year! Am I dreaming? Yes. But can we make it come true? If we want to and work hard enough, I say yes.

Nancy Hayes gave her usual sideshow with pics from last year's convention as well as pics of new hybrids. One of the first slides she put up was a pic of me, Jenny, and Amy at registration. Aw, Jenny!!

It was also announced that next year's AVSA National Convention will be held in Kansas City!

After we had a drink break, the 5 people who are the key players at Optimara spoke for a while. Monique Holtkamp, who some of you might have interacted with on the Selective Gardener website. Reinhold Holtkamp Jr., the man in charge. His cousin Martin Holtkamp, who lives in Germany and does the hybridizing. Michael Coleman who I was really happy to meet after being facebook buddies for years, he is their social media manager (which was kinda how we bonded since I do that for LLG), photographer, etc. Then Russell.. I can never really figure out what he does except make most of the ladies in the African violet world (and at least half the men in the African violet world) go a bit gaga.

It was announced that the super green hybrid that's been in R&D for a while (and was massively popular on my facebook group African Violet Nerds, is now officially named My Sensation. 

I'm tired! Clerking in the morning if I am feeling up to it. So, goodnight!

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