Saturday, May 31, 2014


My awesome friend Michael gave me the superdupercrazamazing private tour, yissssss!!!! 

I'll better organize and caption the pics... When I get to it! 


  1. About the dumpster filled with discarded AV plants (composting purposes?), what is the greenhouses' criteria used for determining which plants get tossed in there? It looks like some blooming specimens are siting in there?

    1. Crosses that weren't quite up to snuff, plants that were just about ready to ship out but not quite perfect enough, etc. I was really sad I only got to pose with this small bucket--The BIG pile got moved and Michael couldn't remember where to HAHAHAHahahahahahaha

  2. You've been to Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses and Optimara Greenhouses. How do both commercial entities differ in their method of raising plants? The former seems to utilize the growing space above [with natural light] and under the benches [with fluorescent lights]. The latter appears to crowd their plants and fertilizers them via capillary matting. Anything else we should know about both operations?


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