Saturday, February 12, 2011


Currently blooming on my shelf is this adorable miniature African violet Chimpansy.

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Chimpansy (7393) 07/02/1990 (A. Murphy) Single fuchsia two-tone ruffled bell/variable white stripe and tips. Light green, glossy, wavy/light red back. Miniature

I snapped a buncha pics of it and when I was trying to decide which one to post here on the blog, I couldn't decide! The flowers on Chimpansy are like snowflakes, each one just a leeeeettle bit different from the other. I finally narrowed it down to the 4 pics above.

I wanted this plant ever since I first started growing and saw it in pictures, it's just so different and CUTE! And trust me, it's even more cute in person. The flowers are so tiny and delicate, and the patterns on them are just so cool. And even though it has stripe-like features, it isn't actually a chimera, so it will propagate true from leaves! (It can, however, sport to all-solid blossoms--just like any other African violet can.)

I will admit that it has two annoying habits I don't like.
One: Wavy foliage, which isn't my favest. Hard to grow a nice flat rosette with that stuff going all wiley (for me, anyways)
Two: The flowers are droppers--meaning that after a coupla days, they just fall off the plant.

But I really love the way the flowers look so much that I will put up with the flaws and just accept Chimpansy for who it is.


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