Monday, February 21, 2011

Video - Separating Micro Sinningia Babies

Remember a while back when I had that ridiculously tiny clump of micro Sinningia pusilla babies, and I was clueless as to how in the world they could be separated? Well, I finally got up the nerve to write Gesneriad Goddess Dale Martens and email asking for advice. (No she doesn't call herself Gesneriad Goddess, I've just dubbed her that 'cos she is simply one of THE most knowledgeable people out there when it comes to the "weeds"!) Anyhooz, she kindly gave me instructions on how to "easily" get 'em apart. I say "easily" in quotes because she said it was easy, but these things are soooo tiny I felt like I should get a degree in microsurgery to be able to successfully pull it off! Well guess what? I shouldn't have been fretting so much. She was right, it actually was pretty easy!

Instead of attempting it all by myself and then posting the results (or failure) later, I decided to turn on the video camera so that we could all go through it together! So just take a deep breath, steady your hands, and join me....

Ummm, can you tell I was a little nervous? Maybe it's not wise to let the world watch on your very first attempt at something scary.. Then again, why not?

Two weeks later and the babies are still alive & well, so it seems my first attempt at sinningia microsurgery baby separation was a success!


  1. Simply amazing. I've never heard of this before. Love this post!

  2. Kat--Isn't it cool?? You should try growing these they're really simple!

  3. whew, I was holding my breath... the babies... the babies...

    This would make a good movie. Oh wait, you already did that.

    Very cool.

  4. I've never been so on the edge of my seat before about sinningias. Glad they're doing well. :) For what it's worth, it was a lot of fun to "learn" at the same time you did.

  5. Another great m3rma1d video! Keep it up please? Jana

  6. Oh yes Jana, I absolutely will. I'm going to be making one with Lenny next week about how to start strep leaves (his specialty), and I'm also going to make one about how to wick.
    I have lots of ideas and plans for more upcoming vids, but those 2 are happening next!!

  7. Invest in one of those headband magnifiers! They work very well for tiny work like that. I use them when harvesting Pygmy Sundew gemmae.

  8. Hi Tommyr! I actually have one of those in my pile of jeweler's tools, but I never use it because I can see tiny things close-up just fine... My issue was more that I was gonna crush them with my fat clumsy fingers haha!


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