Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Results of Last Month's Poll

Here are the results of last months poll--Only 24 total votes this round! :-(
Probably because I wasn't doing much updating while I was at Lenny's, so there weren't as visitors coming in for the better part of the month. (and from what I've noticed, only around 1% of visitors actually vote--whaaa!)
I will try to be better about posting more next time I am visiting him--It's not like his growing shelves are bare--He has more plants than I do!

Interesting poll results, anyways. By the looks of it, only a quarter of you are flat-out "weed haters". But hopefully you won't mind it too much when some "weed" (aka gesneriad) related-posts find their way to my blog--Don't worry, it will always be first and foremost an AFRICAN VIOLET blog! :-)

To the 1 person who doesn't know what a gesneriad is: It is the family of plants that the African violet (and other plants featured on this blog) belong to. You can do more reading here, 'cos I'm not really great at explaining botany/plant classification. They are fascinating and I hope you didn't stumble here by accident!

For the 54% growing other gesneriads, I wonder what you're growing... Care to comment?

For those 16% who are thinking of trying some, I'm curious which ones they're interested in. Let me know! What do you want to learn about? Lenny grows just about every gesneriad there is, so I have access to it all--We can all learn together!

I NEVER thought I'd say this, but I am seriously considering trying my first streptocarpus soon. I fell in love with one named Seren back in October, and I made Lenny buy it for his collection (I often do that with things I love but don't necessarily want on my own shelves). He quickly fell for it as well. Well, months later I am still SO in love with it that I might just need him to propagate me a baby of it. Luckily, it's not a huge monster of a strep. So maybe I will try it out. It just better stay small! I don't enjoy growing big plants.. Not only do I not have room, I just don't get personal enjoyment from them.. Hard to explain. Something about growing on a tiny scale just makes me feel magical. (I do enjoy seeing other people's huge plants, however--Go figure!)

And of course I am loving my microminiature sinningias. I can't wait until spring so I can get more! (Altho, I will miss the snow--Yes I am one of those weirdos that LOVES snow!)

But my true love will always be my miniature African violets.

That reminds me--I seriously need to repot my African violets! But that means I need to ORDER pots! Time to call John at Cape Cod Violetry! I just love him and his wife, Barbara. <3

PS: Don't forget to vote in February's poll, located on the right-hand side of the page! 
This month's question: "How many African violets do you have?"


  1. I just counted and I have 30 violets, though 6 of those are "baby" plants. As for what gessies I grow, I have Aeschynanthus, Streps, Gloxinella lindeniana (love this plant. Fragrant flowers!), Sinningia speciosa, and Episcias.

  2. Nice, Mark! Oh, babies count--They always grow up. LOL
    Sounds like you dove into the "weeds" full-force! :-)


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