Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello From Detroit!

Is this hotel HUGE enough OR WHAT!?
GM Renaissance Center
I'm SO HAPPY to be here and see so many friends!!

I had someone take a pic of me grooming my one measly show entry, but now I've decided not to post it here on my blog because if any judges happen to see it, they'd be able to easily identify my plant. Will show you all tomorrow after judging is over, just pray I get a blue ribbon because it's not perfect, but it definitely is SO CUTE!

Now I need to see if my lovely roomie Andrea is here because I am SMELLY after that long road trip and need to get into the room and make use of the rain closet!


  1. Too bad the block of Marriott Hotel rooms reserved for AVSA guests have views of the city, not the much nicer views of the river!

  2. Dear "Anonymous", I'm not really sure what you're talking about, the view from my room is of the river and Canada...

  3. M3rmaid, you got one of the better rooms!


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